Priscila Ajok

Priscila Ajok
Certificate II and III in English as a Second Language
Certificate III in Children's Services

As a primary school teacher in Sudan, Priscila hoped to share her skills with her new community in Australia. The English as a Second Language program helped Priscila to improve her communication and English language skills. She is now on her way to gaining the qualifications she needs to work full time in the Australian child care system.

"I enjoy working with children. I want to encourage children to grow through early learning, but the system here is very different and I need new training."

While she studies Priscila is also working as a bilingual support worker for local child care providers. As Priscila speaks both Arabic and Dinka, her improving English skills and ability to translate enable her to make a valuable contribution to the community.

"I am able to help children's families and child care workers communicate. I speak to the families in their home language."

Priscila is determined to continue her studies here at GippsTAFE.

"I will keep working towards the Diploma. I am always encouraging myself to continue. When you continue to learn and grow through education, you get the best rewards."