Kindergarten children in Maffra are making sweet music courtesy of some innovative community work by students from Federation Training’s Gtec campus in Sale.

Two large interactive musical wall panels have been designed, developed and installed by Federation Training students for Glassford Kindergarten to the delight of the youngsters attending the Maffra-based kinder.

From simple wall-mounted drums to honking toys, a wall of sound now emanates from the Kinder’s vast outdoor play area.

Cameron Walker, a teacher from Federation Training’s Gtec campus, said the initiative involved Gtec’s Work Education class and the Year 10 & 11 VCAL classes.

“We had around 26 students involved from the three classes and they developed and delivered the project over the past two months with the kinder kids themselves,” Mr Walker said.

“The students planned the layout, undertook internet research, sourced materials locally and have now purpose-built and installed this interactive music wall.”

Early Learning teachers from Glassford Kindergarten are delighted with the new addition to their garden playground.

“Now that it has been installed, it is getting a fair old work-out,” Mel, one of four Early Learning Teachers, said.  “We are just so lucky, it’s just a fantastic addition to our kinder and it is just what the children wanted. We would really like to thank Federation Training and the students for our new Music Wall.”

Around 90 three and four year old children attend Glassford Kindergarten each week with strong community support helping to maintain and grow the outdoor play area.

Federation Training’s Managing Director, Jonathan Davis, said the project is part of Federation Training’s ongoing effort to undertake a broader industry and community engagement approach with local communities.

“This was a fantastic community project for our Gtec students to be involved with. The recent Community forums held by Federation Training throughout the Gippsland region highlighted the important role that Federation Training has to play in the communities it serves and this project is a great example of that,” Mr Davis said.

“It is also important for our students to gain an understanding of how they can contribute to community development and feel proud, not only of their own achievements, but how they work together as a group.”