Renewable Energy Demonstration Trailer

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The Renewable Energy Demonstration Trailer is an initiative of GippsTAFE and the Gippsland Climate Change Network. The trailer will tour schools, businesses and public areas bringing renewable energy technology and energy efficiency awareness to the public and business sectors.

The REDT is integrated with smart technology to allow combinations of stand-alone energy production that drive a computer modelling system and programs on sustainability and energy efficiencies from the interactive screens installed in the trailer.

We also have an Xbox for fun games and an integrated Davis weather monitoring station giving you the latest weather readings. This can all be linked by the remote next G web based system which allows the REDT to demonstrate just about anywhere or anytime around Gippsland.

The REDT can come to any location in Gippsland allowing us to tap into plenty of renewable energy to demonstrate Energy Efficiency, Applications and teach in remote areas.

Click Here to Download the REDT Schools Info PDF

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