Are you looking for a job, but lack confidence in your reading, writing and maths skills?

Federation Training can help. With the Adult Foundation Studies Program on offer, we can boost your skills and improve your chances of getting a job.

What is the AFS Program?

The AFS program can improve your reading, writing and maths skills and boost your confidence by providing interactive and engaging language, literacy and numeracy training to those who are seeking to improve their skills for further education or to enter employment.The program provides up to 1000 hours of accredited training and allows you to start at your own level and work at your own pace. You can train part-time or full-time and will gain valuable skills and qualifications with electives such as: Work safely in the construction industry, Use hygiene practises for safety, Apply first aid and Plant horticultural crops.

How does the AFS Program work at Federation Training?

The AFS Program will run for up to 4 days per week, catering for all client participation requirements. It has a strong focus on improving both your literacy and numeracy skills and employability skills to ensure you get the right job for you.With guest speakers from various industries, the AFS Program will expose participants to a variety of industries to demonstrate how they operate and the employment opportunities within them. By completing the program, participants will receive a Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.

Is the AFS Program right for me?

We can help if you:

  • are from a non-English speaking background and need English language training at basic or advanced levels
  • need literacy and numeracy training at basic or advanced levels
  • need advanced training for work purposes

Am I eligible?

You are eligible for the AFS program if you:

  • are 15 to 64 years old
  • are not a full-time student
  • meet the rules on visa status and benefits

For more information about the Adult Foundation Studies, contact Federation Training.
5120 4500 E-mail.