Bachelor Degrees

Experience a New Breed of Degree at Federation Training.

Wherever you are in life you can take your personal story to a new level.  The New Breed of Degree program provides the extra freedom of having a Federation University Degree delivered by your local TAFE. You can add value to your qualifications by combining TAFE’s practical learning with the theory and concepts of University study.  This mix is valued by employers and is a great asset for those looking to enter the workforce, move up the career ladder or formalise their existing skills and knowledge.

Federation Training offer degree programs that are delivered using a blended approach to learning. You'll engage with other students in lectures/workshops, as well as online with self- paced learning resources. This is your pathway to a degree within 2-3 years and it offers many benefits including:

  • local study
  • affordable access to a degree
  • personalised and friendly teaching
  • industry experienced staff
  • good class sizes
  • strong industry connections
  • excellent facilities
  • access to commonwealth subsidised places

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Ballarat Uni

Bach applied management
Bach Sport man
Masters of Leadership
Bach Engine tech
Bach of education Birth