Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems - Cable Jointing

Course Code
Course Type
Apprenticeship / Traineeship
Course Level
Apprenticeship / Traineeship
GippsTAFE Energy Training Centre
Course Location
Course Duration
Part Time: 4 years
Course Cost
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Study Modes
On Campus; Part Time (Day)
Starting Date
Full Time:
  • February 2013
8.00am - 4.00pm

Douglas McRae

Chadstone Campus
Phone: (03) 9251 3050
Fax: 1300 094 661 (att: Chadstone)
Email: energytraining@gippstafe.edu.au

Post: PO Box 3279, GMC 3841

Course Overview

This course is delivered in a Block Release Program (ie. 2 weeks full time per Block at the Chadstone Campus approximately 4-5 Blocks per year). The course consists of classroom, theory, online and practical delivery along with on the job mentoring and recording of workplace tasks via online profiling.

Qualifications And Recognition

Upon successful completion of this course students will be eligible to receive the Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems - Cable Jointing.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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Employment Prospects

Successful completion of the Certificate III in ESI – Cable jointing supports employment in the laying, installation and maintenance of de-energised low voltage and high voltage underground polymeric cables and associated electrical equipment.  It also involves the location of faults within the underground cable system.

Online Requirements

Participants will need access to a computer and an internet connection

Entry Requirements

  • Participants will need access to a computer with internet connection
  • Currently apprenticed to an employer
  • Students should have the ability to work at heights

How To Apply

Direct to Institute


  • Practical assessment (observation/demonstration) in a simulated environment
  • On the job assessment – electronic profiling system, portfolio of photographic evidence, supervisor verifications
  • Written assessments, online materials via Moodle LMS

Can prospective students enrol in individual units?


Course Structure

Year Unit Code Unit Name
1st Year UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
1st Year UEENEEE102A Fabricate, assemble and disassemble utilities industry components
1st Year UEENEEE104A Solve problems in D.C circuits
1st Year UEENEEE105A Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment
1st Year UETTDREL11A Apply sustainable energy and environmental procedures
1st Year UEENEEE107A Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and practices
1st Year UETTDREL16A Working safely near live electrical apparatus
1st Year UETTDREL12A Operate plant & equipment near live electrical conductors & apparatus
1st Year TLILIC2005A License to Operate a Boom Type Elevating Work Platform (Boom Length 11 Metres or more)
1st Year UETTDRCJ21A Lay ESI electrical cables
1st Year UETTDRCJ26A Install and maintain de-energised low voltage underground polymeric cables.
1st Year UETTDRCJ27A Install and maintain de-energised high voltage underground polymeric cables.
2nd Year UEENEEG101A Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits
2nd Year UEENEEG102A Solve problems in low voltage a.c. circuits
2nd Year CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging
2nd Year UETTDRCJ28A Joint and maintain energised low voltage underground polymeric cables
3rd Year UETTDRIS41A Install network infrastructure electrical equipment
3rd Year UETTDRIS42A Maintain electrical equipment (network infrastructure)
3rd Year UETTDRIS43A Perform LV field switching operation to a given schedule
3rd Year UETTDRIS44A Perform high voltage field switching operation to a given schedule
3rd Year UETTDRCJ99A Test and verify distribution cable jointing installations

On successful completion of year 1 and 2 subjects, the following VESI Units will be recognised by a statement of attainment and the VESi passport stamped:                                                                                                                                                              
Year VESI UNIT Statements of Attainment Issued by GippsTafe & Passport Sign Offs
1st  Year UETTDRRF01B Apply ESI safety   rules, codes of practice and procedures for work on or near electrical   apparatus (Green Book / Blue book)
1st  Year UETTDRRF02B Pole Top   Rescue
1st  Year UETTDRRF03B EWP   Rescue
2nd Year UETTDRRF06B Live LV panel   rescue
1st  Year UETTDRRF08B EWP Controlled   Descent Escape
1st  Year UETTDRRF10B First Aid in an ESI   environment
2nd Year UETTDRRF11A Testing of   connections to low voltage electricty networks
1st  Year HLTCPR211A CPR