Certificate III in Media - Further Information

How many hours will I need to invest online each week?
The Certificate III in Media course is 335 hours in length over a twelve month period. We recommend that you prepare yourself to spend about ten hours a week.

What does a blended course mean?
A blended course is a course that is offered both in class, and on-line. It is your choice to blend the way you learn, by choosing whether you want to attend some classes, and work on line for some. You have the choice to attend all classes, or work on-line for all the classes. This course is on-line for all units using the TAFE Virtual Campus platform.

What technology is used in the course?
The on-line units of the course are predominantly delivered via Step by Step Text books with some Video tutorials, Discussion Boards, Email and Blogs. A CD is provided to help you get started and your teacher is available by email. Most classes are delivered using on screen demonstrations via the data projector. See the Individual Campus information for System Requirements and Software.

How flexible is the course?
Access to the Certificate III in Media is available via the Tafe Virtual Campus. This allows participants the flexibility of 24 hour on-line access to the TAFE Virtual Campus course content.

What are the minimum computer equipment requirements?
A PC with Windows XP, good sound and graphics cards, and standard speakers. From a technology perspective, you will require the use of the internet available within the TAFE Virtual Campus. Broadband will of course be much quicker, however dial up can be used.

I only have internet dial-up, not broadband, will that be okay?
Yes, it will be slow, and you will need patience. We will be able to send you a CD with some course content if you let us know what you are having trouble downloading.

Do I have to buy all the Software programs required?
No, most of the software is available through Remote Applications, and will be made available to you once you are enrolled. These programs could be very slow with a dial up connection. Some programs are too large for this application, such as Adobe Premiere; however you may be able to use a substitute program. Please discuss this with your teacher.

Is the program accredited?
  Yes, this course is accredited and there are various assignments and assessments required to be completed by participants. Participants are required to submit a number of tasks for assessment. Specific due dates for these tasks will be set throughout the course and participants are expected to submit the tasks on or prior to these dates.
Participants who successfully complete all assessments will receive credit for all the nationally accredited units and receive their Award Certificate.

Do I have to complete the course within twelve months?
If you are unable to complete the course within twelve months, you will be required to re-enrol in the units not yet completed.

Is the entire program solely online?
Yes, the complete course is available online.

Can I enrol just for the Units I am interested in?
Yes you can choose to enrol only in the units that interest you. On successful completion of those units you will be given a Statement of results for those units. However you will not be eligible for the Award Certificate until all Units for the course have been completed

Can I start these courses at any time during the year?
Yes. If there are available places you can start the course at any time during the year.

Do I have to study the full course if I already have some qualifications?
No, you can apply for recognition of prior learning through GippsTAFEs RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) process. Or, if you have a recognised qualification in some of the units of the course, you can apply for a Credit Transfer.

Can I finish this course in one year only?
Yes, to finish the Certificate III in Media in one year will require about 10 hours of study per week. All assessments will need to be handed in on due dates.

Do I have to go on Work Placement?
No, work placement is not a requirement for this course.

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