Follow Workplace Hygiene - Further Information

How much time will it take to complete the course?
The Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures course will normally take 3 4 hours to complete online. In addition, there is a requirement to provide some form of practical evidence demonstrating application of the theory in the workplace.

How long do I have to complete the course?
Once enrolled, you will have 6 weeks to complete both the online and workplace components. Failure to complete the tasks within this time will result in the forfeit of all fees.

How flexible is the course?
The course is delivered via the TAFE Virtual Campus and as such allows participants the flexibility of 24 hour access to course content and assessment.

Is the program solely online?
No. The theory component of the course and associated assessment is offered totally online using the TAFE Virtual Campus platform. The practical evidence however must be provided separately.

What constitutes the practical evidence?
To validate the assessment conducted online, students are required to provide some form of practical evidence. This evidence may be:

  • A third party report from a Food Supervisor OR holder of a Food Handling certificate with at least 12 months relevant experience
  • A video of the student conducting a list of prescribed activities
  • A Practical assessment at a GippsTAFE campus

Is support available for technical issues with the TAFE Virtual campus or difficulties with the course content?
Yes. Support is available by contacting the Course administrator, either by phone or email. This information will be provided upon enrolment. Additional assistance is available via the TAFE Virtual Campus help desk.

What are the minimum computer equipment requirements?
From a technology perspective, you will require the use of the internet (preferably via broadband access) to access the TAFE Virtual Campus, Flash Player and a PDF Reader (such as Adobe Reader)

Preferred Hardware Requirements:

Windows PC: Platform: Windows XP, CPU: Pentium 3, Memory: 256Mb RAM
Macintosh: Platform: OS10.1 up, CPU: G3, Memory: 256Mb RAM
You will also require a sound card and speakers.

What level of computer skill is required?
Students will require a basic understanding of a Windows operating system and the internet.

When can I enrol?
Students may enrol and undertake the study at any time of the year, except during the Institutes shutdown period which is between mid December and mid January.

Is the program accredited?
Yes. In addition to a certificate of participation, students who successfully complete the assessment will receive credit for the nationally accredited competency of Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures (SITXOHS002A) from the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training Package.

Will online study provide the same knowledge and qualification as that obtained in a classroom?
Yes. Successful completion of the online program will provide identical skills and knowledge and meet all regulatory requirements for food handling in the workplace.

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