Online Facilitation - Further Information

How many hours will I need to invest online each week?
The Introduction to Online Facilitation (Communicating and Teaching Online) course is nominally 30 hours in length. We therefore recommend that you prepare yourself to spend a minimum of two hours per day each weekday during the three weeks.

Does each program run for three weeks only?
Yes each Introduction to Online Facilitation (Communicating and Teaching Online) program is three weeks in length.

Is the entire program solely online?
Yes. The course is offered totally online using the TAFE Virtual Campus platform.

What technology is used in the course?
The course is predominantly delivered via collaborative communication using Discussion Boards, Email, Chat, Wimba voice tools, Elluminate, SMS texting messages and telephone conferences.

How flexible is the course?
The Introduction to Online Facilitation (Communicating and Teaching) online program is predominantly delivered via online Discussion Boards. This allows participants the flexibility of 24 hour access to the discussions and course content.

Other learning activities such as online chat sessions and telephone conferences are not as flexible, however we offer two alternate dates and times to help with other diary commitments. Participants are only asked to attend one real time activity per week.

What are the minimum computer equipment requirements?
From a technology perspective, you will require the use of the internet and the chat rooms available within the TAFE Virtual Campus. The chat rooms often have a conflict with firewalls with some organizations but otherwise there are very little issues of concern.

Additional assistance is available in this area via the TAFE Virtual Campus help desk. For more information please feel free to contact us.

The course will also utilise the software 'Elluminate' a virtual conferencingh tool. Technical information is available at

Is the program accredited?
Yes. In addition to a certificate of participation, students are given the opportunitty to complete a formal assessment task. Participants who successfully complete this assessment will receive credit for the nationally accredited competency of Facilitate E-Learning (TAADEL501A) from the Training and Assessment Training Package.

Do I have to have the course completed within the three weeks?
The course is active for a three-week period and participants should complete the course during this time.

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