Australian Qualification Framework

Qualifications certify the knowledge and skills a person has achieved through study, training, work and life experience. They are a measure of our intellectual capital and are increasingly important in a society where unskilled jobs have disappeared, and continuous up-skilling is required in all forms of work and in day to day life.

The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) helps all learners, employers and education and training providers to participate and navigate the qualifications system.

Under the AQF, you can start at the level that suits you and then build up as your needs and interests develop and change over time. The AQF helps learners plan their career progression at whatever life stage they are at. It also helps provide a standard way of recognising qualifications when travelling interstate or overseas.

In this way, the AQF supports national standards in education and training and encourages lifelong learning.

School Sector Accreditation Vocational Education and Training Sector Accreditation Higher Education Sector Accreditation
    Doctoral Degree
    Masters Degree
  Graduate Vocational Diploma Graduate Diploma
  Graduate Vocational Certificate Graduate Certificate
Bachelor Degree
Associate Degree
  Advanced Diploma Advanced Diploma

Diploma Diploma
  Certificate IV
Certificate III  
Certificate II  
Certificate of Education Certificate I