Did you know that anyone 16 years or older can complete the Victorian Certificate of Education at TAFE?

There are many reasons that attract VCE students to TAFE:

  • Adults who left school early often return to complete VCE at TAFE so they can improve their employment prospects and broaden opportunities for further education.
  • Younger students may choose to come to TAFE for individual reasons, such as illness, because TAFE encourages independent responsibility for learning and offers a non-threatening environment for study.
  • Often the timetable will allow students to attend classes only three of four days per week, which makes it easier for them to meet work or family commitments.

Subjects on offer vary each year according to student interest. Usually, subjects include English, General and Further Maths, Health and Human Development, Information Technology Application, Legal Studies, Sociology, Australian History and Psychology.

Course Offering

Victorian Certificate of Education