VETiS for VCE Students


Some VETiS programs are VCAA approved and hold equal status with other VCE studies, as they provide the necessary ‘Units 1 to 4’ structure of the VCE.

Scored Assessments

VET in VCE subjects that have a scored assessment component will contribute directly to a student’s ATAR, either as one of the student’s primary four studies or as a fifth or sixth study.

A contribution to the ATAR is subject to receiving a study score. Students may elect not to undergo a scored assessment and will therefore not be eligible for an ATAR contribution from their VETiS program.

For information about the scored assessment options for an individual VETiS program, please contact the VETiS Coordinator at your school.

VCE VET Programs without a study score

Students who undertake a VCE VET Program that isn’t scored are eligible to receive an increment of 10% of their average primary four ATAR subjects scores if they successfully complete a ‘Unit 3 and 4’ sequence.

Block Credit

Programs that are not VCE VET approved can attract a Block Credit Recognition for VCE students.

Recognition is awarded on the basis of achieving units of competence/modules.

Competence/modules completed at a Certificate II level may contribute towards credit at Units 1 and 2 level and units of competence/modules completed at a Certificate III level may contribute towards credit at Units 3 and 4.

All Block Credit Recognition is dependent on a minimal amount of hours being completed.