Student Support Services

Federation Training aims to provide students with a total learning experience which supports success! Services are available across all Federation Training training locations.

Below is a list of specific student support services available to students at Federation Training.

  • Course Information
  • Career Guidance
  • Student Loans
  • Disability Support
  • Koorie Support
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Campus Tours

Customer Service and Information Centres
The Customer Service and Information Centres at each campus are staffed by people with a wealth of information. If you have a query, the Customer Service Officer can usually point you in the right direction.
The Customer Service and Information Centres can assist you with:
•     Basic course information
•     Information about fees
•     Eligibility questions
•     Processing of fees
•     Student identification cards
•     Statement of Results
•     Campus maps
•     Public transport timetables
•     Withdrawal
•     Refund of fees
•     Enrolment
•     Exemption
•     Credit transfer
•     Personal details amendments
•     Student loan applications
•     VET Fee Help enquiries
•     Forms for appealing results
•     Customer feedback forms

Induction/Orientation is conducted differently across the Institute: you may be asked to participate in an Orientation Day; you may have induction sessions at the beginning of your course or you may be given written or online materials to read.  Within the induction, you will be introduced to the Institute, the department and the course of study.  The information you receive will cover areas such as:
•    Campus amenities
•    Support services
•    Institute policies and procedures
•    Safety issues and emergency evacuation
•    Your course and assessment
•    Your entitlements and obligations
•    Internet Code of Conduct
•    Training Agreement

In addition to the Student Support Services accessible at Federation training there are also student amenities areas in which students can relax and unwind, have lunch, chat or read a magazine.