The following are different organisations that can ensure you and your workplace are compliant and acting in accordance with current workplace standards.

Service Skills Australia

Service Skills Victoria analyse existing and emerging trends in the service industries, focusing on their implications for workforce development. They form a key piece of advice to the government on skill shortages, broader workforce development needs and the context for the continuous improvement of training pack.

Service Skills Australia provide useful information and links to Government Departments and Agencies in the fields of:

  • Sport, Fitness & Recreation
  • Tourism, Travel & Hospitality
  • Wholesale, Retail & Personal Services

Australian Apprenticeship

This website is designed to provide quick and easy access to information regarding Australian Apprenticeships. This includes:

  • Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers (Apprenticeship Network provider)
  • Australian Apprenticeships programmes
  • Employer incentives
  • Information and support for apprentices looking to start their own business
  • Support and assistance for apprentices during their apprenticeships
  • Support and advice for people looking to start apprenticeships, whether in school, just out of school, or mature-age