Callan Park

Certificate III Carpentry

The decision to come to TAFE was an easy one carpentry apprentice Callan Park.

With a goal of owning his own business, Callan signed up to complete his trade training at the Federation Training Yallourn Campus.

“I liked the idea of myself one day having my own building company and achieving something in the building industry,” said Callan.

“I heard Federation Training was a great learning place and offered a lot of opportunities, so I knew I would enjoy doing my training there.”

A few years in and Callan is just as passionate about the industry as he was when he started. With his sights firmly set on his goal, Callan has dedicated himself to learning all that he can about his trade by growing his skills and taking on as much practical experience as possible.

After working locally in South Gippsland Callan took his apprenticeship to the Mornington Peninsula to continue to build his experience in the industry. Despite the travel, Callan continues to study at Federation Training, making the regular journey to the Yallourn Campus.

“We have the opportunity to put our skills into practice at TAFE,” said Callan.

“Being able to build structures in the workshop and do it with great teachers has helped with an understanding of what I want to achieve being in this course.”

For Callan, Federation Training was all about taking opportunities to achieve his goals.

“I enjoyed the learning experience at Federation Training and there were so many opportunities that came from studying,” Callan said.

“Hopefully I will create my own business and become a builder that is well known and successful.”

Callan’s advice for anyone thinking of studying at Federation Training is to just “do it!”

“It will be the best experience and you will get so much out of it and feel like you have achieved what you never thought you could.”


Donna Dascoli

Certificate IV in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Donna Dascoli has always been fascinated by all things planes, so it was a logical choice that she would choose Aviation as a career choice; and she hasn’t looked back since.

“I always wanted to fly but when I realised I couldn’t afford it, I knew studying the Certificate IV in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering with Federation Training would be the next best thing.”

Donna had been dreaming of getting into the air for the past ten years and was prepared to do whatever it took to get there.

Donna chose to study with Federation Training because they were the only training provider to offer the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Maintenance Engineer exams while studying at Trade School. This meant that all of her exams would be incorporated into her training, which meant that she would be a step ahead of her colleagues.

“There was lots of exams, and I struggled with self-motivation, but I was willing to do whatever it took,” says Donna. “The support I received from my teachers was amazing. They became like mates to me. They were approachable and easy going, and they were so well-respected amongst my peers.”

Donna claims, that even in a male-dominated industry, the boys didn’t treat me any differently.

“I went through Federation Training with a great bunch of guys. Even after we completed our training, we still catch up, even though we’re spread far and wide across Victoria.”

Since completing her qualification, Donna made a purchase of a Cessna 152. She set up her own business where she hired this plane out to a local flying school, one hour north of Melbourne. Donna would undertake regular maintenance on the plane.

Two months ago, Donna sold the Cessna 152 and moved to sunny Queensland. She has since received her pilots licence and she is currently working as a Line Piolet/Engineer – where she fly’s three days a week and puts the skills she learnt at Federation Training as an Engineer two days a week.

For anyone thinking about studying at Federation Training, Donna says “Go for it!” “I couldn’t think of a reason not to!”


Maria Camenzuli

Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-Division 2 nursing)

Why did you choose to study at Federation Training?
I applied at both Federation Training Leongatha and Warragul campuses and received an offer of study from both. I chose Federation Training Leongatha because I loved the country drive there and the feel of the ‘once’ quaintness of the campus; the surrounds and the kindness and realness of the staff. I loved the simplicity of the small welcoming classrooms, many were portables- a real step back in time for me! I absolutely loved the country feel of Federation Training and going to school was a real pleasure; I really looked forward to it.

What sparked your interest in your chosen study area? Why did you choose to study your chosen course?
I studied nursing, a passion I’ve had forever, but with life’s’ twists and turns I never quite got the opportunity to study, for the pleasures of marriage and motherhood took precedence.

It was when my children were nearing the end of senior high school that I decided to return to study, I was in a better financial state to do so and my children were in a position to get to and from school on their own. Essentially, when my children were more independent of me, I decided to return to study.

Can you tell them a little bit about some of the challenges you have faced being a student and how you have tried to overcome them?
I was so afraid of was my worst subject at school! I knew that nursing required a knowledge of basic math, so in order to pass my math entrance exam I enrolled in a 3 month evening class held in Wonthaggi adult education to study basic math. That was the turning point for me. I passed my math test with flying colours.

Hands on experience and practical training are really important. Can you tell us a little bit about the practical experiences you have had as a part of your course?
Studying nursing at Federation Training gave me the opportunity to participate in practical nursing placements in aged, and in the acute setting of 2 large regional hospitals. These placements were extremely well organised as well as all the practical laboratory days etc. Everything went so well.

Have you had success as a result of your training (such as awards, employment success, business success, personal success or entry into further study)? Please tell us some more about this success.
I have achieved more than I ever imagined. I can honestly thank my experience at Federation Training for my success, and of course my belief in myself and ‘can do’ attitude. I applied for and was granted a full scholarship with the Royal College of Nursing to complete my Bachelor of Nursing which I did in 2012; 1 year after I graduated from Federation Training.

Since then I accepted a Graduate nurse programme in Alice Springs Hospital working with Indigenous Australians. Furthermore, I was approached by Emergency Department and offered a 1 year contract post grad year to which I accepted and thoroughly enjoyed. Never in my wildest dreams would I of thought I would be a Registered Nurse in Emergency in outback Australia! So I lived and worked in Alice Springs for 2 years.

I was elated by the 2 awards; Outstanding Student of the Year, and outstanding Vocational Student of Federation Training. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for weeks! I was so proud of myself.  I was the model student of course! I was always first in class even though I had to travel just over an hour each trip- I was never late. I often thought of bringing apples for the teacher – but I thought that may be pushing it!

Where to from here? What other goals do you have for your career?
Well, I returned home from the Northern Territory in February and have been working for Monash Health in Emergency. But I have recently been offered a nursing position in Saudi Arabia. I am not quite there yet, I have 2 more comprehensive processes to go through, but the offer of a job and signing of a 1 year contract is sealed. If all goes well, I should be heading off to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in February. I am very excited about that.

What did you enjoy most about studying at Federation Training?
The friendship groups I formed, the teachers were wonderful, the office staff were always very helpful and smiling- nothing was ever too much. The teachers took their job very seriously and the success of past students is a testament to all that.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying at Federation Training?
Do it. You can do whatever you want; you’ve just got to want it! And there is no better start than at Federation Training.