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Federation Training were like a breath of fresh air in setting up our partnership. We had been dealing with another large RTO and found them difficult to work with and cumbersome. Paulette and her team were highly responsive, supportive and provided regular feedback on what we needed to do and how. Their framework and supporting materials allowed us to easily see where we were headed and comply. I could not recommend working with the team at Federation Training highly enough.”

Patrick Moriarty
Our Community

Health Republic

What factors made you decide to use Federation Training?

We chose Federation Training because of the excellent service and their progressive, solution based mindset. From our very first contact with Federation Training each and every person we have dealt with has been fantastic. No problem has been to small or difficult to deal with, and solutions offered were always above and beyond expectations.

How did you benefit from using Federation Training?

Using Federation Training has allowed our company to continue to improve our educational products to meet our students needs. The strong educational programs has been well received by students that would traditionally struggle to engage in education.

How would you describe the services provided by your Business Development Consultant and the Training Teachers

Our Business Development Consultant always seems to have the time of day to help with anything that we require and does so in a pleasant and friendly way. In addition opportunities that benefit both organisations are offered and discussed on a regular basis.

How would you describe the quality of the training?

The quality of training received from Federation Training is some of best I have ever seen. The ability to create learning programs specifically for learner interests and likes helps keep programs engaging and enjoyable.

Would you recommend Federation Training? If so why?

I would recommend Federation Training to any individual or business looking to engage in high quality education programs with great outcomes.

Grant Pugh
Health Republic

I felt compelled to send an email in regards to the training I received at Federation Training, Chadstone, with the Basic Jointing Course.

The instructor was Paul Lightfoot, who really knows his subject. Paul was very informative and was able to share his past work experiences which assisted greatly in the learning process. It was very obvious from day 1 that Paul has had many years of experience in many areas of the Telecom Australia/Telstra underground network.

The set up in the dedicated network area is excellent, with pits, manholes, tents, pillars, poles all wired in to a working system. It was a real experience to be able to jumper a working service from the start of a simulated “new service” installation, through an MDF, to a cabinet, into a pillar and finally to cable joints that were constructed by myself, real world stuff. This included an aerial service from poles to “the house”, fantastic set up and work area. The hands on practical’s are exactly what is required for this sort of training to prepare you for the actual network and being able to be work ready. To use all of the real materials that are used in the network, with Paul’s valuable explanation and instructions made the whole 10 days a very valuable exercise.

Federation Training has a brilliant set up for this course and I really learnt a lot from Paul and the use of actual products and materials in the dedicated network area, whilst undercover. This was a real bonus when the weather was cold wet and miserable, to be able to train in these undercover conditions without weather disruption is a huge bonus. I will be sending staff members for this training to Federation Training. Fantastic teaching facility.

Doug Montgomery
Director - Dmont Services

I would like to thank all the staff at Federation Training that have assisted Electrix and myself with our training needs. The training requirements in this industry can be very frustrating at times. It is nice to work with people who understand our needs and are willing to go that extra mile to help us meet our requirements.

In particular some of your staff have gone to great lengths to help us by moving pre-scheduled training, arranging training when none was scheduled, and finding trainers to deliver training when none were available.

I truly appreciate all your assistance and I look forward to working with you all closely over the coming year.

Lauren Randalls
Human Resource Advisor – Southern Region


I would like to thank the staff at Federation Training that have helped Visionstream Pty Ltd and in particular the Engineering Group with all of our training needs. The training requirements were arduous and extensive, you understood our needs and worked with us to develop the syllabi and then the training packages specifically for us and our client.

To all of your staff who have gone to great lengths to help us by scheduling training, organizing training venues and flying across country to deliver the packages in a timely and cost efficient manner, thank you very much.

John Houlihan
External Plant Manager, Senior Telecommunications Engineer

Visionstream Australia Pty Ltd
Leighton Group Contractors Pty Ltd

Over the last 7 years the Department of Human Services and Federation Training have enjoyed a professional and partnering relationship that yielded a number of significant benefits for the Community.

Federation Training staff have been thorough and knowledgeable in their subject matter, delivering a blended learning methodology, resulting in a unique individualised learning experience.

The Department in partnership with Federation Training has provided student placement support, formal career qualification opportunities and tailored individualised learning programs. The key to the partnership has been the high calibre of facilitators and support staff.

Gregory Bramwell
Senior Learning and Development Consultant

Department of Human Services

Federation Training have provided short course cable jointing training for many of our field staff, and since the introduction of Certificate III in Cable Jointing apprentice training, we have had four apprentices complete the course and currently have a further eight apprentices at various year levels.

Underground Cable Systems is a participant in the Industry – Federation Training interaction process aimed at further developing the standard and value of the training services offered by the Federation Training Chadstone Campus.

Our experience has been one of interest and enthusiasm by the instructors and staff of Federation Training and especially in recent times an above expectation response to our needs with respect to both apprentice training and the challenges of the cable jointer RPL program.

Underground Cable Systems look forward to continuing the relationship we have with Federation Training, for it has proven beneficial to our employees, our organisation, the Electricity Supply Industry and to Federation Training.

Trevor Maylor
Stystems Manager

Underground Cable Systems Pty Ltd