7 Popular TAFE Courses in Australia


Often, one of the best ways to better understand what you would like to do is to see what others are doing, which is why we’re compiled a list of seven of the most popular TAFE courses in Australia.

Early Childhood Education and Care

In Australia, we love our children, and we love working with them: whether that be in a classroom setting or day care environment. It should come as no surprise that the Early Childhood course is thus one of the most popular TAFE courses taken by Australians.

The course offers students an opportunity to learn about different aspects of early childhood care, including but not limited to child psychology; creation of a safe environment; curriculum design; and cultural competence.

If this course appeals to you, there are several paths you can take. It is available as both a Certificate III and a Diploma, so you can feel free to choose which option better suits your needs and schedule. After taking either of these courses, you may also continue on to studying at a Bachelor’s level.


Students want to study Business, because they like the flexibility that the courses offer them. After completing a course, they can choose to start their own business, apply for business management positions offered by employers, or choose to continue their education further, perhaps studying another complementary field.

Accounting, bookkeeping and leadership diplomas all give students a chance to specialise in a field that interests them, and allow them to enter their fields in anywhere from 12 to 18 months.


The field of health is also well-loved by Australians. With many choices on offer, there is no doubt something for everyone who is interested in health. Federation Training offers courses specialising in Aged Care; Allied Health; Leisure and Health; and Nursing, which is a very popular course.


Construction is also a very popular course in Australia, with many choosing to study it and then either go out to work or continue into Engineering or Architecture fields.

When studying Construction, students tend to go for Bricklaying and Construction, or supervisory roles, depending on their own individual interests. Often, within these courses, apprenticeships are included, giving students an ability to apply theory to real-life truths.

Animal Studies

To many of us, our animals are a part of our family, and Animal Studies offers a pathway in which we can help animals. Often, Animal Studies offers a way for students to advance into further animal studies, or to start in introductory positions at animal care facilities.

Community Services

Community Services are a fantastic set of courses to take if you are interested in working with people and giving back to the community. It covers courses such as Community Services; Mental Health; Alcohol and Other Drugs; Disability.


Studying Engineering at TAFE allows students to study in a supportive environment, all the while gaining valuable skills that can help them on their way. It is often linked with an apprenticeship, which further allows you to develop your skills in a real-world environment.


There are so many fantastic courses on offer. If you need any help selecting one, we at Federation Training can help you with that. If you have any questions about TAFE and the courses we offer, or if you would like to discuss your situation and how you would like to study, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.